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a hand holding a small piece of fabric with a bee on it's side
Karen Pleass Textile Artist | Irish Textile Art | Inspired by Ireland
a blue bird ornament sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a potted plant
#419 Birdie Bowl Fillers | Heart to Hand
three red and white mushrooms with pearls on the top one is made from fabric, while the other is hand sewn
a bunch of little doll keychains are arranged in a circle on a white surface
four felt cactus plant magnets with faces and hearts on them, sitting next to each other
cute cactus felties
two colorful birds sitting on top of a white surface
This item is unavailable | Etsy
felt toys felt birds от MiracleHouseDecor на Etsy
a person's hand holding a small cat ornament in their left palm
The Muscari kitten of spring brooch by Ailinn-Lein on DeviantArt
The Muscari kitten of spring brooch by Ailinn-Lein
a hand is holding a small stuffed owl
Магазинчик "Вимсиландия" из Индонезии
Амалия (Amalia) живет в Индонезии, в высокогорье Явы. Ей 38 лет, у нее муж, трое детей и ей очень нравится получать вдохновение от леса. Она шьет мягкие текстильные игрушки и рисует картины. Еще в детстве она думала, что вырастет, станет большой - и будет постоянно рисовать. И она действительно…
a hand holding a small stuffed animal in it's right hand and wearing a necklace
OOAK Felt Barn Owl Brooch With Hand Embroidery and Metal | Etsy
OOAK Boho Chic Style Felt Barn Owl Brooch with Hand Embroidery. A perfect way to accessorize your daily outfit! #handmadejewelry #feltjewelry #fabricjewelry #textilejewelry #barnowl #boho #bohostyle #bohojewelry
two small embroidered owl brooches are in someone's hand