Anki Gistö
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Laxburgare med grönt mos och citronsmör
How to Decorate a Minimal Interior with Personality -
Image: Modern Findings
Svarta krukor och gröna växter
Inred med krukväxter för ett charmigare och mer ombonat hem |
Grid as inspiration space, IKEA cart, wood desk for warmth.
HOUSE of IDEAS Black cabinet
© Vosges Paris. Black and white elements can look extremely great, the only thing is that the good eye and the right creative one mostly only knows how to make it look effortless and interesting. I think it looks extremely clean and fun, I still love the personality that is put in this part of the room. I feel like copying this and make it reality in my home, but no, I will have to put different images and my own clothes : -)