Anna-Lydia Kopperoinen

Anna-Lydia Kopperoinen

Anna-Lydia Kopperoinen
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The Infinity of Knowledge. The Prague Municipal Library at Marianske Square, Prague, Czech Republic is definitely worth visiting because of an amazing sculpture made of numerous books by Matej Kren, a young Czechoslovak artist.

Book cave.

It’s every bookworm’s dream to have an in-house library, so we’ve rounded up 24 incredible bookshelves you'll love! Check them out now.

Il Cavallo di Leonardo da Vinci. Milan, Italy.

Leonardo da Vinci´s " never-built" horse - made by Nina Akamu from Da Vinci's original drawings. It is not exactly the same as Da Vinci's horse would have been. Installed in Milan in 500 years after the original clay model was destroyed.

Teste di Giovinetta, Leonardo da Vinci

Teste di Giovinetta, Leonardo da Vinci - this face, this angle, he used her in several paintings - she must have been someone special 🌹