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Creamy Tomato Basil Zucchini "Linguini"
DIY pulsera
Luminous Upcycled CDs Shirt Collar: DIY & Crafts Ideas...totally doing this to a bra (just dance lady gaga...halloween/PERFECTION)
Nothing is more frustrating that struggling with your budget, not knowing where to start with the cash envelope system or just trying to keep your finances organized. These binder printables are perfect to get you organized. If you are following Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps, this printable debt planner has great printable budget templates to track your debt snowball as well as implement the cash envelop system!
Sassy Cat Silhouette design (UTH6970) from
kitty, cat, [embroidery pattern I presume because it's from urbanthreads. ;) Mo]
One-Pot Spinach Chicken Pasta