Mom never liked Danish modern.but loved bright prints.even though the Marimekko prints were not widely available.

iittala _ alvar aalto

Alvar Aalto, Savoy vase (later known as Aalto-vase), Manufactured by Iittala, Finland.

i love marimekko. simple finnish design at its best.

Inspired by the small details in an urban garden, Marimekko designer Maija Louekari named this print Siirtolapuutarha (allotment). The PVC coated cotton fabric is filled with large-scale sketched flowers and foliage, some left in black and white and other

Finnish Design ~ Secto pendant 45 cm

Secto 4201 Finnish birch becomes slatted shade for Seppo Koho's Secto 4201 pendant. Like V from Arturo Alvarez, this will cast linear shadows and ambient light.

iittala kivi

iittala kivi - in vele kleuren verkrijgbaar

iittala aalto vases

Aalto Vase - A FINNISH MASTERPIECE The Aalto Vase, also known as the Savoy Vase, is a World famous piece of glassware and an iconic piece of Finnish design created by Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino Marsio.

Kartio glass, re-issue of original design by Finnish designer Kaj Franck

Budget Kitchen Furniture - Our Pick of the Best

Iittala Kartio range in many colourways , fresh and practical everyday glassware.

In Good Company Siirtolapuutarha coffee cup - Marimekko In Good Company - Dishware - Tableware - Finnish Design Shop ($1-20) - Svpply

In Good Company Siirtolapuutarha plate 20 cm, blue - Marimekko In Good Company - Dishware - Tableware - Finnish Design Shop

iittala vitriini box

Vitriini box is designed for Iittala by designer and glassmaker Anu Penttinen. The beautiful Vitriini box is the perfect way to put all the little things you love on show.