The very most amazing way to teach the phases of the moon, and why we see the moon APPARENTLY change, that I have ever seen.

Phases of the Moon interactive display. MO Science Students put their heads in the middle and rotate. Great way to see that the only things that are really changing are the location and angle/perspective.

Paper Plate Phases Of The Moon

This week we learned about the phases of the moon from our big kids. They are studying about the moon, so we did an art project together!

Maan synty « OuLUMA – Pohjois-Suomen LUMA-toiminnan foorumi (video 20:00).

Man has many traditions in all cultures that are only imaginations of the mind and yet they cling to them as though they are truth. See the earth from space. there are no borders - no countries - just one world.

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Tietoiskut avaruudesta paritöinä