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Chris Ware's sectional axonometric comic. Frames on a page as rooms in a brownstone. Genius fusion of comics and architecture.

At the Still Point of the Turning World: Chris Ware’s Building Stories and the Search for Structure in the Contemporary City

Chris Ware, endpapers from Building Stories

Chris Ware › Chris Ware is undoubtedly today’s most important comics creator, not just in his home country, the US, but worldwide. This book is the first…

Bildresultat för dramatisk kurva

Bildresultat för dramatisk kurva

Armin Hofmann, what else there is to say?

Another renown graphic designer, Armin Hofmann, famous for his Swiss-Style posters with their beautiful utilization of typograp.

armin huffman

One movement I learned about through my research for Project A Survey of Typographic History, was the International Typographic Style or.