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Lace KnittingDress Gloves

Ohla by Anna Johanna

New Year calls for a new design! I hope this wintery wrap will bring the snow back. What: Ohla / Own pattern How: Circular nee...

Happy EmotionsLace InsertKnitwearCrochet

Alho by Anna Johanna

I'm sure many knitters know how you can knit your feelings into your projects. A shawl worked during grief can carry some of that sorrow. B...

TourPatternModaLa Mode

Lumo by Anna Johanna

I usually knit while watching TV. So it's important to always have something mindless on the needles that doesn't take too much concentrati...

Free CrochetEasy Knit Hat

Yours, always by Anna Johanna

Most of the time I set out planning to design something. Other times, the yarn turns into a design even without trying. Almost as if the ya...

I Fall In LovePatternModaLa Mode

Quiet by Anna Johanna

Sometimes this just click into place. This summer at our local knit fest, I fell in love with the new handdyed Aara yarn. They had few OO...

Xenakis by Anna Johanna

I've been in the mood for colorwork lately. It's mostly manifested as just me buying yarn for colorwork projects. What: Xenakis /...

Celestarium by Audry Nicklin

I'm in the habit of always having something a bit insane on my needles. Something challenging that will take a long time to finish. This on...

Hand KnittingDress OutStockinetteKnitwear

Hehku by Anna Johanna

The new Christmas edition of Finnihs TAITO magazine has not just one but two of my designs! In addition to the men's sweater, Havu , I d...

Havu by Anna Johanna

Back in spring, I got excited as I was asked to design a men's sweater for the very first time. The pattern was just published in the Chris...

Hand KnittingMittensFree ImagePattern

Viljo by Anna Johanna

How is already two years since I published The Girl Who Said Baa e-book? I searched for a local sheepfarm for the photoshoot of the e-boo...

ModaLa Mode

Tyyne by Anna Johanna

How is already two years since I published The Girl Who Said Baa e-book? I searched for a local sheepfarm for the photoshoot of the e-boo...

Casting On StitchesSeed StitchChristmas KnittingKnitwear

Zopflicious by Anna Johanna

The summer was a constant source of knitting inspiration. In the mids of it all, I created my new favorite cardigan, Zopflicious. W...

Garter StitchColor Stripes

Rohdin by Anna Johanna

Sometimes I want to knit something especially intersting and challenging (read: alway!) and once in a while I want to work on something mel...


Hummingbird by Anna Johanna

Oh my, how time flies! A year ago, I was starting my very first MKAL and now, the second one is already gone. Did you finish your Hummingbi...

Moss Stitch

Harmas by Anna Johanna

I a world where everything is covered with chemicals, true, fluffy wool is pure love. It's especially wonderful it is local and soft. ...

Hand KnittingCircular NeedlesWool SocksStockinetteNeedles Sizes

Rakas by Anna Johanna

Sometimes I feel so romantic that I happen to designs socks with lace and beads on them. I guess that just happened. What: Rakas ...