iittala Toikka Anna’s Hummingbird

Oiva Toikka iittala "Humming bird" 2014 Museum of Glass limited 200

iittala Toikka Scarlet Tanager (Fallingwater Red) - Limited Edition

iittala Toikka Scarlet Tanager (Fallingwater Red) The Fallingwater Red is based on the adult male Scarlet Tanager.

iittala Toikka Tiiri

iittala Toikka Tiiri Majestically making a statement, royal purple and gold speckled accents put the Toikka Tiiri glass bird in a whole new category. Glass artisan Oiva Toikka has truly outdone himself with this bird as th.

iittala Toikka Curlew

iittala Toikka Curlew In production since the Curlew is a large bird with colors that vary from bird to bird; many Curlews are now darker with a deep maroon rather than red.

iittala Toikka Limited Edition Western Tanager

iittala Toikka Limited Edition Western Tanager Created exclusively for the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, this annual bird celebrates the avian summer visitor to Tacoma and the only tanagers to be found regularly in Washington. The iittala Toikka W.

iittala Toikka Pheasant A bargain for its size and unique design, the Pheasant, by Oiva Toikka, is a stunning combination of metallic blue and scalloped plumage. This special bird is much larger than other Toikka creations an.

iittala Toikka Red Dalma

iittala Toikka Red Dalma This glass beauty was mouth-blown to commemorate the anniversary of Oiva Toikka's glass birds, just as the Dalmatian-like, black-and-white Dalma was. She also sports the same specks and streaks as.