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Our little house in El Salvador has steps like this leading into the ocean :3 when the tide is low, you can step down onto the beach. When the tide is high, you can step right into the water.

Steps To The Sea, Rivera Maya, Mexico. This evokes memories of sunlight on the turquoise water of a swimming pool as I waited at the steps and looked down at the water, when I was a child.

Coole Idee!

Tubular glass vacation home encases a full-grown tree - An eye-catching design but perhaps a fir tree isn't the best species to encase in a glass tube? Also, where's the fire pole?

: @ZoeMaks + @CharcoalAlley (@dream_casa) on Instagram: “Japan Dream Casa  @j_a_a”

: @ZoeMaks + @CharcoalAlley (@dream_casa) on Instagram: “Japan Dream Casa @j_a_a”

Concrete Geometrical House Concept on a Cliff in Iceland – Fubiz Media #iceland #architecture

Designer Alex Hogrefe imagined a concept of a geometrical house made with concrete and big glass windows. The originality of the project is that the house is lo

Tree house with a swing

Playground swings are pretty fun, but the swing at the end of the world located at La Casa Del Arbol (The Treehouse) in Banos, Ecuador has solved.