Growing Hair! Too funny!

Springtime Science with Seeds

This is genius. Put any famous people's pictures or states in the Guess Who game and it's a great study tool for kids!

Guess Who: Historical Figures - Cool way to help kids study important people, i. It could also work for people with TBI's, Aphasia or some form of dementia! A fun way to study important people in your life like family and friends!

Each student comes up and picks a stick out of my hand; they have to place the word in the right cup. Then, after all sticks have been sorted, students can choose one stick from each cup and create a sentence using all three words. A great informal assessment!

parts of speech word sort {language arts}--Kids each come up and pick a stick out of my hand and they would have to place it in the right cup! If there’s extra time, they can use the word in a sentence

cool kid wall art

Join the Plastic Animal Craze and Craft This Weekend

spray paint your toy animals and stick in on a painted canvas. such a simple and cute idea! The kids could help make this art for the playroom.and we could use little happy meal toys (since I usually throw when away anyways!

Eläinten aakkoset nyt myös vaaleanpunaisena - Forma Nova

Eläinten aakkoset nyt myös vaaleanpunaisena - Forma Nova