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Instruments names in spanish Mais
an instrument is shown in the diagram below
Brass Instruments Line Puzzles
an image of a musical staff with the words twinkle - twinkle little star on it
Boomwhacker Science
Boomwhacker Science | Create WebQuest
several musical notes are shown in black and white
Clapping rhythms Fun Music Activities to keep the interest of young children:
the rhythm race wheel with numbers and symbols on it, as well as an arrow
Music Centers: Rhythm Race Note Naming Edition Level 3 - Rhythm Game
an image of music notes and trebles in the form of numbers on white paper
How to Read Music and Rhythm in 10 Minutes for Beginners
I Want to Learn Music! How to Read Notes and Beats in Ten Minutes
four paper plates with music notes on them are displayed in front of a bulletin board
Mrs. Peters' Tuneful Teaching: Amazing Music & Math Integration in First Grade!
an origami music box with musical notes on the front and sides, cut out into four different colors
Treble and Bass Clef Notes Dice for Music Games – Colourful Keys
DAUS X JOCS COOPERATIUS: Podem dir les botes, fer creacions aleatòries que després interpretem, crear l'acord o escala de cada nota...
sheet music notes with the words double double this
Double double this that
Double double this that: A great chant to practice ta and ti-ti AND improvise new lyrics! Read the blog post for more info!
music math worksheet with notes for kids to practice and practice their handwriting skills
an image of musical notes and symbols