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a house covered in lots of green plants
Need this greenery!
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers
Rosor, pioner, stjärnflocka, borstnejlikor, trebladspira, iris och kantnepeta. Source: Victoria Skoglund (
a path lined with lavender plants and trees
a garden with lots of green plants and trees
several potted plants in front of a white house with purple flowers on the side
some white flowers and green leaves on a fence
an overhead view of some plants and flowers
purple and white flowers in front of a green house
a white picket fence in the middle of a garden with gravel and plants around it
Bytt är bytt (Rosor och ruiner)
an assortment of flowers in the garden with labels on them that read, pajama begravi
several potted plants in front of a house
a garden with white flowers and greenery next to a brick path in the middle