Sarpaneva valurautapata

Manufacturer: Iittala Designer: Timo Sarpaneva The Sarpaneva cast iron pot designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1960 is back in production as part of the iittala collection. Combining practicality and beauty the Sarpaneva pot is

12 Things Every Home Should Have

12 Things Every Home Should Have

Nordic Design

Lantern candleholder 250 mm, clear

Lantern designed by Harri Koskinen // Iittala // Minimalistic // Design // Finnish design // Scandinavian design


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Lento photoelectric smoke alarm, black

Lento is a photoelectric smoke alarm designed by Finnish designer Paola Suhonen for Jalo Helsinki. Lento will not only enhance the safety of your home, but you will also add a touch of originality.