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monster clip

Monster Bites! Recycle Craft

DIY: wood + leather magazine holder

Wood + Leather Magazine Holder DIY - A Beautiful Mess

I love magazines. I get in trouble at the grocery store all the time because my husband is...

Home Made Modern: 10 Sensational String Art Projects

10 Sensational String Art Projects - Home Made Modern

Hey, good morning! I was in the mood to do a little crafting over the weekend and have always wanted to try string art. It looks pretty simple, and–although a little tedious pounding in the nails–it was! Here’s some of the creative inspiration I used to get started, and at the bottom, you’ll see how...Read More »

cute owls!

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Kid's Woodworking Project: A Small Bench - Fine Woodworking Article

Kid's Woodworking Project: A Small Bench - FineWoodworking

A simple but sturdy bench or stepstool, from the students of the Clear Spring School in Eureka Springs, Ark.


DIY String Art Star

Make this adorable DIY String Art Star with this easy to follow tutorial by Shannon from AKA Design!!

Handmade Wooden Toy Puzzle Toy (small)


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Owl Bookends Whimsical Woodland Childrens Decor Book Ends | Etsy

Everyone knows owls like to read. So, who is better qualified to sit on your shelf and hold up your books? Of course, these little guys might read everything you have and then ask you to go to the library to get more, but they're worth the trouble. Honest. These particular owls are three dimensional versions of the whimsical guys you can find in a lot of my paintings. They measure approximately 7 inches x 6 inches each. They're made of wood, hand painted with acrylics, and sealed with…