Albert Edelfelt

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Albert Edelfelt, Kalastava ukko, 1896, öljymaalaus. Albert Edelfeltin säätiö

Albert Edelfelt, Kalastava ukko, 1896, öljymaalaus. Albert Edelfeltin säätiö

Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905) The Wounded Soldier from the Poem Döbeln at Jutas 1897-1900 - Finland ... "The Battle of Jutas (Fi: Juuttaan taistelu, Sv: Slaget vid Jutas) was fought on September 13, 1808 between Swedish and Russian troops south of Nykarleby in Ostrobothnia, Finland."

Albert Edelfelt- Originaalipiirustus Vänrikki Stoolin tarinain kuvitukseen, 1897 - 1900 - Edelfelt admired the poet laureate Johan Ludvig Runeberg who was a friend of the family.Edelfelt illustrated Runeberg's epic poem The Tales of Ensign Stål.

JUHO RISSANEN Sokea - The Blind Old Woman (1899)

The Blind Old Woman 1899 - Finland - Heta Kauppinen - Click image to get to original site with audio.

Hugo van der Goes -- The Fall, detail

I am deeply unsettled by this depiction of the serpent by Hugo van der Goes.

File:Pekka Halonen - Pioneers in Karelia - 1900

Pekka Halonen Tienraivaajia Karjalassa / Pioneers in Karelia 1900 - Finland

Albert Edelfelt: Sukkaa kutova tyttö (A Girl Knitting Socks), 1886. It's hard to write about a portrait without knowing the sitter, as technically good piece might not match the reality; it's all about how to portray the personality. I'll leave deeper impressions for you to decide, but she seems very stoic considering her age. It's almost like her soul is much older than she actually is. Maybe it's the knitting, that isn't really associated as youthful hobby. Even if that's the case, her…

Albert Gustaf Aristides Edelfelt (Finnish painter), 1854 - 1905 A Girl Knitting Socks, 1886 oil on canvas s.

Albert Edelfelt: Hyvät ystävät - Berta ja Capi (Good Friends - Berta & Capi), 1881. The artists sister Berta is reading with Capi the dog in a good example of backlit subject. You can see the light dancing on the folds of her skirt. Other than the girl and the dog the painting is out of focus and crudely painted; the style is emphasizing the experience: they are immersed in the world of the book. Naturally the dog can't read, but bet he likes to participate just as much.

Good Friends (Portrait Of The Artist's Sister, Bertha) Albert Edelfelt – Finnish)