Sandwich Cake

Smörgåstårta is a Swedish sandwich layer cake which was a common dish found in parties during the and is now becoming popular again. This particular cake consists of smoked salmon and böckling (smoked Baltic herring).

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Behold, the Swedish sandwich cake, officially called the smörgåstårta! The smörgåstårta is usually made up of several layers of white bread with various fillings in between. You can fill your savoury sandwich cake with anything from egg, to liver paté, o

DIY Make a Sandwich Cake

DIY Make a Sandwich Cake - A Great Choice for Parties

I've made this Ribbon Sandwich Loaf for baby and wedding showers, birthdays and…

Party Sandwich Loaf

This sandwich loaf will be the talk of the party. Lots can be said about the delicious shrimp, olive and ham fillings! Of course you can change the fillings and decorations. But no matter what you put in, it is perfect for an afternoon tea.


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Just pinned for the photo, as I cannot read the website. Great decor on a sandwich loaf for catering.

smörgåstårtas (sandwich cake) Once I find a seafood free one I'm making one for…

smörgåstårtas (sandwich cake) Once I find a seafood free one I'm making one for…

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt ozdoby na slanú tortu



Feta-tsatsikikakku // Scandinavian Bread Cake with Feta & Tsatsiki Food & Style Susanna Katajisto Photo Timo Villanen Maku www.



Sandwich salad loaf (there are those olive eyes again, begging for a merciful death.