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some very pretty looking benches made out of sticks
Someone has been playing in the woodland garden #andygoldsworthy #landart #woodlandgarden #mygarden
a large circular sculpture in front of a house
92 Satisfying Interior Designs From "Top Dezigners" Instagram
92 Satisfying Interior Designs From "Top Dezigners" Instagram
there are two pictures with people walking in the woods and one has a small child
15+ DIY Tree Log Ideas for Your Garden 2022
Stunning Tree Log Garden Gate.
a building made out of logs with a window in the center and grass behind it
fertige Wand aus Birkenholz-dekorativ im Garten
an arch made out of sticks and vines with the words living willow projects you can do in your yard
9 Natural Living Willow Structures Ideas
Living Willow Outdoor Structures You Can Grow in Your Backyard
a wooden structure made out of sticks and logs
28 Awesome DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas with Picture
It's great to have wonderful backyard. But sometimes, you need your own privacy. So here comes the solution; an outdoor privacy screen. You can build your own DIY privacy screen. #diysheds
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a wooden platform with two large rocks on it
Home - 3dmlstudio
Garden sculture - art - ideas
some kind of thing that is made out of branches
a small pond in the middle of a forest filled with trees and grass next to a tunnel
"Orms Rejse" på Moesgaard
Hjørnholms Pileblog
a bunch of sticks that are hanging from a tree in the water with some plants growing out of them
Landart 2
Landart 2 | by PLEXNE
an outdoor area with plants and rocks in it
City Twitchers Garden and best of Chelsea Flower Show 2018 | woven willow bird hide (willow sculpture) and concrete circular slabs as a path over a pond
‪Наша Dacha‬
an arch made out of logs in the woods
A Year in a French Forest
Forest Sculptor Spencer Byles: Sculpture No 2. A Year in a French Forest 2011-2012.
a circular sculpture made out of branches in the woods
These Artists Take Paper Quilling to the Extreme
Half the reason these fairytale-looking sculptures are so fascinating is because they have no intention of lasting forever, as artist Spencer Byles cleverly intended. While exploring the forests in the region of Alpes-Maritimes in France, he created several of these whimsical designs with only natural materials and man-made objects, scattering them throughout three different pieces of land. See more of these nature-inspired creations » - HouseBeautiful.com
a stone path with grass and bushes in the background
20+ Bright DIY Backyard Iideas On A Budget
20+ Bright DIY Backyard Iideas On A Budget #gardendesign #gardeningforbeginners #diyinteriordesign
an image of a tunnel in the woods
Decoración de jardines