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Danish heart baskets -- can be filled (with candy, money, etc)! Pinner said, "When I was a kid, I used to make these out of paper for Valentine's Day." Use felt to make a more permanent heart basket.

Lámpara de papel DIY en forma de estrella

FREE PDF template how to make star-shaped lamp star lamp lantern lighting celebration party festival paper

Feather light DIY

DIY feather pendant lamp shade // feather light fixture for the ceiling lamps

Old paperback book Christmas tree -

How To Deck Your Halls With Literature

Where to Buy 2015 book page diy paper christmas tree roses with golden pentagram - beads, paper roses crafts

Learn how to make easy DIY paper flowers that can be used in crafts, home decor and party planning. Full tutorial on site.

Easy DIY Paper Flowers

I love that you don't need any special tools to create these amazing paper flowers - a little scrapbook paper, scissors and imagination and you're good to go. I can think of a million fun handmade gift ideas featuring these paper flowers.

décoration de Noël: porte-bonhomme de neige

Bricolage pour enfants – fabriquez la décoration de Noël!

DIY paperitähdet

*Good one for the school craft bazaar!*How to make: Shabby chic cardboard stars - You'll need: Empty cereal box Paint (Any colour you fancy!) A felt tip pen in dark blue or black Star templates (included in instructions) Scissors Paintbrush