Lassie...  :)

Lassie & Timmy (Lassie was a boy dog and his real name was Pal and owned by trainer Rudd Weatherwax) and, over the next 19 years, a succession of Pal's descendants appeared on the series.

Coo Coo Clocks were popular to....

Cuckoo Clock - Black Forest - Just like the one we had except for the 'X's around the clock face. I so love this kind of clock!

Little House on the Prairie - I watched this show religiously

Little House on the Prairie - loved loved loved. Had a dress just like Laura's and used to run around billowing out the skirt, I was ecstatic when I ran down any degree of incline

Jambo-suklaapatukoita 1980-luvun alusta.

Jambo-suklaapatukoita 1980-luvun alusta.

I had one of these...he looks like a cross between the Western Horse and the Western Prancer!

Plastic Toy Horse from - my late sister Jaye LOVED these - along with the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans riders and dolls!

Jacky-jugurtit 1980-luvun alkupuolelta.

Jacky-jugurtit 1980-luvun alkupuolelta.


Nostalgiset Teinikalenterit - minulla on joku vielä tallessa. I still have couple calender like these.