Twig Lamp Shade - made from an old wire shade and natural twigs - via Shabby Creek Cottage OR DRIFT WOOD!

13754623_1162658670442246_6758024014093989489_n.jpg (960×720)

13754623_1162658670442246_6758024014093989489_n.jpg (960×720)

Jools Doncaster

Ah this fella is exactly what I was thinking of having in my dining room this Christmas. Although I'd love it this size and have the room for it, I really should try make a smaller version.

agac-dallarindan-avize-nasil-yapilir.jpg 305×1.600 piksel

idea for wish tree sculpture (wish done! DIY Tree Branches Light glue sticks on balloon, pop, spray paint

Risutuoli... this is soo me :)

this is soo me :)