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an art piece with red and purple flowers, birds and circles on the bottom side
.love the designs ~ not the colors!
a green and black art piece with white squares on the bottom, surrounded by small birds
two hearts are hanging on the clothesline in front of a window with an orange and white checkered ribbon
Blog Feltro-Aholic ♥
!!!!♥ Feltro-Aholic Moldes e tutoriais em feltro
the jelly roll rug is shown with text overlay that reads jelly roll rug tutor
Jelly Roll Rug (with Video Tutorial) - Mister Domestic
RJ Designs Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial with Mister Domestic
the sewing machine is on top of the table next to the piece of fabric that has been sewn
How to Make a Jelly Roll Rug
Sewing the strips together to make a jelly roll rug
a white sewing machine sitting on top of a table
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Gift Wrapping Tutorial-Fabric Baskets--easy to make#gifts #wrapping #tutorial #GiftWrappingTutorialclothes #GiftWrappingTutorialcreative #GiftWrappingTutorialhowto #giftwrappingtutorialwithoutbox
someone is using a sewing machine to sew a pizza
one pinner said ....This is exactly why I save every scrap... I just didn't realize I would actually find a use for them- until now.