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I'm sorry that I got angry and said a lot of things that I meant but still should not have said. --this is totally me.

21 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Alcohol must open and read all these! ♥♥♥♥

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I'm never putting eyeliner on the same ever again. Pin now read later.

Tightlining - probably the best way to put eyeliner on to add great definition to your lashes. Basically, you put eye liner (gel or pencil) in between each lash in your lash line (makeup, diy, beauty tips)

It's+okay,+I+know+ignoring+my+ messages+is+just+your+ special+way+of+displaying+ affection.+It+doesn't+ make+me+want+to+stab+ you+in+both+eyes,+not+even+ a+little.+It's+TOTALLY+ fine,+really.

It's okay, I know ignoring my messages is just your special way of displaying affection. It doesn't make me want to stab you in both eyes, not even a little. It's TOTALLY fine, really.


Remove Blackheads in a Natural Way - My Little Beauty Corner-You should never squeeze blackheads! To get rid of them you should try one of these natural treatments that allow you to treat them at home.