FOOD - Loimulohi, salmon (Finland)

Loimulohta teeillassa

Finnish early potatoes - just add butter.

Finnish early potatoes - just add butter. Best thing ever!

Finnish Baby in the Sauna ~ Lukijat valitsivat vuoden 2008 Kesäkuvakisan voittajaksi tämän iloisen otoksen.

"Splish Splash I was taking a bath" I remember it was Saturday Night :)) (These pics should not be shown to futre Partners years from now, after Dessert, and during Coffee at the dinner table the first time you meet me on this one lol

"Juhannusruusu", The Finnish White Rose  Rosa pimpinellifolia plena

"Juhannusruusu", The Finnish White Rose (midsummer rose). Blooming in midsummer with a lovely, lovely scent. I have a couple of bushes in my garden.

Midsommar  ...I spent my 21st birthday in Sweden.  This reminds me of my birthday cake......

Strawberry cake omg i miss it so much best cake everrrr especially during summer! And the flowers on the table just look so typically swedish haha i love it