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// We climbed up the orange tree and held up our hands to shield our eyes from the sun. "It's breathtaking from up here," she gasps. I gaze at her soaking in the sun and I finally feel complete. "It's all in your perspective, Adeline.

✵pintrest // kharbear123✵

She always books the night flight since she adores that view outside the window, the 3 layers of the sky: the stars, the clouds and the space hanging in between.

Alexandra Grecco - Gretta Tulle Skirt / 30 in.

Ideal skirt vibe for pre-studio, while walking down the street. Alexandra Grecco - Gretta Tulle Skirt / 30 in.

Petal Strewn Pier - A view of the hills is at the end of your stroll.

Lake Dock, Thousand Islands, Canada. The Light Purple & Blues Of The Hills, Water & Sky In The Background Create A Cool Tone To The Image. The Leaves Complement It Well & Add To The Peace & Tranquility.

haylsa Steamy morning jungle treks ❁ Leading us to this insane spot looking high over Krabi (Thailand) 🌿