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at home, Eirín Kristiansen –

ch: damn my curiosity!

Blissful moments in paradise...⛰✨

Blissful moments in paradise...⛰✨

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Beautiful Window View of a Peachy Sunset!

✮ριитєяєѕт↠ мsαмαrtίη07✮

it's always summer in California

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for when I go back to Hawaii (:


Imagen de car, sunset, and summer

New York) Not a fan though but this is a beautiful photo of New York's heart <3

New York Taxi Cab Ride, must experience when in NY.

New York City Times Square.

New York City Times Square taxi.

New York City

-Leading lines or Perspective -Long or Establishing shot -Worms eye view


grafika travel, plane, and sky