Animoituja kelloja luokkatyön avuksi.

Animated timers that you can put on the projector. Gives students a visual for the time they have remaining. Plus a fun surprise (noise cue) when time is up! :) Sometimes kids just need the visual rather than a timer on a desk.

When I need help

What is a Visual Reminder? A visual reminder is similar to a visual schedule in that it is an easy and cost-effective visual representation utilized to aid children with FASD with their memory.

Jigsaw pairs - print off & laminate so you can reuse. - subject pronouns/ verbs, questions/ answers, etc

Jigsaw Pairs

There are so many things you could do with these! Here’s a few ideas: - lower case/upper case letter matching - sight words - antonyms - synonyms - math sums - shape names & pictures - analogue/digital time - subject area questions & answers

Hand print A4 page borders (SB2634) - SparkleBox

Hand print page borders - SparkleBox Wat zullen ze veel zwaaien en…