silver birch A birch forest in Finland. Remingtons cabin had these wooden walk ways all around the cabin. Mr Grubich and Elerins built their cabins there now.

Vaaleanpunaiset pionit.

***Backyard*** Here is where I'll place grass and flowers and stuff on the edges n back of the house

Savonlinnan oopperajuhlat

Savonlinna by Maksim Belyshev on Castle Olavinlinna (Swedish Olofsborg; Olaf Castle, see Olaf II Santo) is a castle with three towers built in the fifteenth century and now in the city of Savonlinna, Finland

Uudet perunat

Suomen kesää parhaimmillaan – Finnish summer at its best!


That lovely dunes of Yyteri in Pori, Finland (west coast).


Kustaanmiekka in Suomenlinna. If around in Suomenlinna, you HAVE to go and see the ferries to Sweden passing the narrow Kustaanmiekka (in this photo the ferry is returning from Sweden) Rode this ferry 1989


Outdoor living- hammock- lazy days- fresh air living- the great outdoors- memories.