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a bulletin board with school supplies attached to it's sides and the words love on them
"What my summer looked like" or maybe what their dream vacation looks like...a good way to start off the year!
the worksheet for an english language lesson with pictures and words to be read
Kesä - Värinautit
the cover of kestatejemista, written in black and white ink
Kesä - Värinautit
Kesä - Värinautit
an insect word search is shown on the page, which includes pictures of bugs and butterflies
- tukiope.fi
Sanasokkelo | kevät | luonto | ötökät | lukeminen | ympäristöoppi | luonnontieto | hyönteiset
a group of children's faces hanging on the wall in front of a white brick wall
Ensimmäisten esikoulupäivien tuotoksia
the spanish language worksheet for children to learn and practice their english writing skills
the worksheet for kesiomanan parahat is shown in this image
Kesä - Värinautit
the worksheet for children to learn how to read and understand their words in english
an image of a menu with different types of food