PH Artichoke valaisin, kupari

PH Artichoke valaisin, 600 mm, kupari

PH Artichoke pendant was designed by Poul Henningsen over 40 years ago. The lamp has become a design icon and is one of Poul Henningsen's most famous lamps.

Beat Light Fat, musta

Beat Light Fat valaisin, musta

The Beat lighting series by British designer Tom Dixon is inspired by the water carrying pots that are still carried on heads all over India today. The Beat Fat pendant light is made from hand-beaten brass and created using the traditional skil

Spinning BH1 valaisin, musta

The spinning-top toy, a childhood favorite, inspires to the joyful form of the Spinning Light along with the process of metal spinning. Form truly meets function in an innovative way. The Spinning

Beat Light Wide, musta

Beat Light Wide valaisin, musta

Beat Light has been designed by Tom Dixon and is available in four different shapes. The spun brass shade is lacquered in white or black and the interior is skilfully hand-beaten.

Copper riippuvalaisin

Copper riippuvalaisin, 45 cm

Spinning BH2 valaisin, musta

When you need general light, a ceiling lamp is a functional solution. Hang the lamp over the dining table, in the hall or even in the kitchen – in our shop you will find the most stylish lamps for every room.

Orient P2 valaisin, kupari

Orient P2 valaisin, kupari

Jo Hammerborg designed the Orient pendant light in 1962 for the Danish lighting company Fog & Morup. Lightyears has chosen to relaunch Orient in close cooperation with the Hammerborg family.