интересная идея для шали / Вязание спицами / Вязание шали спицами

шали палантины шарфы

DIY Fashion Accessories - interesting idea for shawls / Knit / Crochet shawl spokes

ПЕТЕЛЬКА К ПЕТЕЛЬКЕ. Вяжем трансформер | Наш дом

Вязаные шапочки, шарфы и снуды

One Row Lace Scarf Free Knitting Pattern and more lacy scarf knitting patterns

Lacy Scarf Knitting Patterns

simple ladder lace - Cast on 24 sts (or any number of stiches dividable with Knit 2 rows Knit pattern row: (YO, repeat between ( ) 5 times. Repeat the pattern row until your scarf is at desired length. Block if desired.

Moda e Dicas de Costura: CACHECOL COM MANGAS

ACESSÓRIOS ~ Moda e Dicas de Costura I have a feeling this pattern is going to come in handy one day, maybe a layer for next winter?

Ravelry: Nymphalidea pattern by Melinda VerMeer FREE

Nymphalidea pattern by Melinda VerMeer

Nymphalidea is named for one of the largest families of butterflies, with varieties found in every corner of the world.