What if it actually happened…

What if the 2012 Apocalypse had actually happened but someone stopped it?

Just look at him.

And here we see an example of Dean Winchester, the male model with fanfiction green eyes and fanfiction lips. Is it just me or does it seem like he's the perfect guy from fanfiction come to life?

Dean doesn't need to use his fingers and toes

Clarification is Key

Clarification is the key. A figurative key, of course, because clarification.

Jensen's face!!!! Lol! We all have that one friend...

We Love Supernatural on

We all have that one friend. I think I am that one friend. >> Scratch that, I KNOW I am that one friend and I love it :)

Dean Winchester

As soon as I heard Dean make his first smart ass remark, I knew I would love the show.<---- the funny thing is he actually says boots not boobs

[tumblr post] stop messing with the supernatural fandom!

Urban legend states that if you say supernatural 3 times the fandom will appear with a totally relevant gif.

Harry Potter and Supernatural

The three brothers. But I would switch Dean and Sam cuz Dean died to save Sam's life, while Sam LITERALLY greeted death like an old friend at the beginning of season 9 HP+SPN

I love how Supernatural constantly rips on everything...including itsself

Funny pictures about 'Subtle' Twilight reference in Supernatural. Oh, and cool pics about 'Subtle' Twilight reference in Supernatural. Also, 'Subtle' Twilight reference in Supernatural.