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socialization is truely important. sometimes people do more harm than good when sheltering a puppy, thinking other dogs or people may scare it. they will asociate those situations with bad emotions and may turn aggressive if terrified. its best to introduce a few new things a day. this way the puppies will grow into socialized adult dogs with great manners.

Socializing Your Dog - Provide him with positive experiences and reinforcement with new things. Infographic by Lili Chin

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training - Illustration by Lili Chin

Positive Reinforcement Training Part 2 I came across this image from Doggie Drawings and thought it really summed up what Positive Reinforcement Dog Training really is.

Many #dogs cannot stay calm when they see another dog/person/somethg in their environment. They *react* instead of observe. These reactions are grouped into 4 behavior categories: -> Fight (barking, lunging) -> Flight (avoiding, hiding) -> Freeze (cowering, shutting down) -> Fool Around (jumping, mouthing) Positive reinforcement methods (ex. the "Engage-Disengage Game") help dogs to become less anxious/fearful:

The Engage-Disengage Game. Illustration courtesy of Choose Positive Dog Training. Help your dog work on their reactivity to stimuli.