Anni Westerholm

Anni Westerholm

Anni Westerholm
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Suomen kieli on rikas kieli. Finska språket är ett rikt språk.

I don't know how accurate the cultural translation is, but to avoid all the conjugations, simple is good. And every Finn I met was pretty conservative with words.

Elisa Webmail :: Vielä 10 ideaa tauluusi Taide

reflection / the literal mirror image of an object on a surface and also the more conceptual idea of balancing elements within a design. Or let go and feel the beauty of this image.

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White Flowers Contest - First Place "Lily of the Valley" by Zina Zinchik

Congratulations to Zina Zinchik on winning the "Spring is here in Nature Photography - Flowers". The detail in the delicate flowers against the soft focus background is beautiful!

Light encantadora. More inspiration at:

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