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5 Hospital procedures that ruin your birth and lead to unnecessary complications and interventions! Every woman please read!

Good list of 5 Hospital Procedures that can Ruin Your Birth. Really well written article! It states facts, not agenda-pushing opinions. Just thinking about giving birth in a hospital infuriates me, everything stated in this article is TRUE TRUE TRUE

11 Pregnancy “Must-Carry-With-You-Items”to make your life much more comfortable... and for emergencies. #ad

It's nice to have a check list of helpful things to carry with in your purse while pregnant. I really like preparing for the unexpected, being comfortable during pregnancy, and saving money.

How to Prepare for a New Baby without breaking the BANK! Tips for what you need and what you DON'T!

How to prepare for a new baby without breaking the BANK! Also, so realistic even if you have an ample budget but want a more simplistic approach, because, let's face it, babies come with so much literal baggage. preparing for baby prepare for baby