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"Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us."--Robin S. Sharma by green_initiative


Quote & Saying About Dating Image Description I'm so lucky to have such a gentleman for a boyfriend! So supportive!

Anime quote

Anime quote

True not the reason for her tears...

Be the reason she smiles, not the reason she can't love again! I want to be your reason to smile!

"What if I fall? Oh But my darling, what if you fly?"

“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?


ღ 📖 ღ "A library is a hospital for the mind." ~ Anonymous (Love this thought!

Best way to relate to your loved ones is just holding their hands!

Sometimes, just hold her hand and make her feel safe and loved. - I love you Brian.

Pikku Myy

This girl isn't afraid of anything, only gliding to new challenges with speed!