Beautiful cottage feel side yard garden and pathway

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This would be great outside of a Off The Grid Tiny house!

Dry Stream Bed.  Dig it deeper and fill the whole thing in with rocks and large gravel and you will have a French drain, which will help with run-off and such.  Going to do something like this on the side yard to keep it from being washed away in monsoons.

Dry river bed in garden.clever way to break up a drab backyard. // Possibly separate bed & corner of the hard with dry river bed?

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Entisen kodin piha - Hemma hos Tiina-H på StyleRoom.

deck seating :)

we have been trying to come up with an idea around the trees towards the end of our yard. "If you have a leveled yard and trees, try this awesome DIY project. People of all ages will enjoy this mini sun deck.


You have a plant? Update your preferred potted plant with a this DIY plant stand idea that makes sure to change your area. Check this out.

Imagine how fabulous this Log Planter will look in your garden and it's a very easy DIY.  Be sure to check out the Wooden Log Train Planters in the post too!

Log Planter Ideas For Your Garden Video Tutorial

Upcycle / recycle or repurpose a fallen tree and turn it into something beautiful like a flower pot or to grow veggies.