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Learning about summarizing.by classifying! Check out this easy lesson that got us started talking about what makes a quality summary! Looking at texts through different lenses is tricky for some--but pays off! Teaching Language Arts, Teaching Writing, Teaching Ideas, Teaching Quotes, Elementary Teaching, Teaching Methods, Pre Writing, Student Teaching, Upper Elementary

Learning about summarizing...by classifying! - The Teacher Studio

If you teach “summarizing” in your classroom, you know that it is a REALLY tricky skill. Students often struggle to know what the most important details are…sometimes write down every single thing that happens…and usually miss that “heart of the story” piece. Because it is one of our assessed skills all year, I knew I …

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Opiskele pieniä paloja kerrallaan Paloittele opiskeltava asia pienempiin paloihin. •Opiskele useampana päivänä esimerkiksi tunti kerrallaan. •Kokeile opiskella tomaattien avulla :) : Pomodoro-tekniikka (= tomaattitekniikka) •Pomodoro on italiaa ja tarkoittaa tomaattia. •Pomodoro-tekniikka on ajanhallintamenetelmä, joka on saanut nimensä tomaatin muotoisesta munakellosta. •Tomaattitekniikka on yksinkertainen: 1) Säädä ajastimeen (älypuhelimeen, munakelloon ym.) esimerkiksi 20 minuuttia…