unique christmas tree

I LOVE THIS IDEA!My friend Aimee from NDA's incredibly talented fiance made this gorgeous driftwood Christmas tree. (featured in Completely Coastal and Newburyport News!

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twobutterflies: 30 Days For 30 Dollars - Day 15 - Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments Plus Tons of Bonus Ornament Ideas

Un blog dedicado a la decoración y el mobiliario.

Explore our fabulously on-trend Christmas decorating ideas below… It demonstrates how just a few select items can bring a Christmas cheer to your home.

Arboles+de+navidad+hechos+con+ramas+secas+(18).jpg (1195×1600)

Arboles+de+navidad+hechos+con+ramas+secas+(18).jpg (1195×1600)