Crab Ragoons from PF Changs are heaven....  You can make them yourself!

Crab Ragoons from PF Changs are heaven. Crab Ragoons from PF Changs are heaven. Crab Ragoons from PF Changs are heaven.

This looks so beautiful and peaceful! I could spend a week or more just lounging on that boat dock.

So I talked about a dream vacation home in the mountains, then the beach, oh but then check out this lake view! Dream on sister. Dream on.

Remember when I was in Catholic school and I loathed my loafers and now I'm obsessed with them?

I like the feel of loafers, but sometimes the style looks too masculine. Sperry Top-sider Women's Hayden Loafer looks feminine while providing great comfort.

Nautical stripes.

This week, we're feeling some serious nautical stripes. And the great thing about it is that nautical stripes look good on mostly everyone.

Too much of anything is bad But Too Much CHAMPAGNE Is Just Right.  -Mark Twain

Happy New Years! If you know me well, you know champagne is my drink of choice all year through.

midsummer night ~ video:

"Midsummer Night/Kupala Night Lanterns": marking the shortest day of the year (June more than floating Chinese lanterns were released over the Warta River in Poznan, Poland. Its a real life Tangled moment!


I want a boat when I’m older. I want to sail around and have the deck set up like this so I can sleep under the stars. That would be amazing.

Love it! My favorite outfit for weekend!

Spanish label Massimo Dutti and model Karmen Pedaru team up to showcase a certain type of goodlife.