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a close up of a weaving machine with many colors on the back and sides of it
Sprang and doubleweave again
A FiberArtisan's Weaving Path: Sprang and doubleweave by Deanna Jill Deeds - excellent resources for sprang technique
a wall hanging made out of rope and beads with tassels on the ends
MIZI muur opknoping unieke boho macrame met franjes en knopen op natuurlijke jute en katoen FREE SHIPPING Australië - Etsy Nederland
MIZI muur opknoping unieke boho macrame met franjes en knopen
two rugs with different patterns on them, one in grey and the other in white
Catarina Riccabona
Catarina Riccabona — Textile Design
three different lines are shown in black and white, each with an interesting pattern on it
Ilse Acke
Weaving based on the work of Ryoji Ikeda | ilse acke <-- lovely colours/gradients
black and white fabric with wavy lines on it
Chu Tai Lu Portfolio
Monochrome knit sample with 3D bubble textures; knitted textiles design for fashion // Chu Tai Lu
a close up view of an embroidered cloth with red lines on it and white background
Geboortegeschenk van geboorteplaatje.nl
Esther Van Schuylenbergh: textile and design
a close up view of a curtain with wavy lines
Arts Thread Homepage
Experimental weaving with metallic thread for fine textures; woven textiles design // Shinyoung Kang
black and white images of different patterns on fabric, including woven material with lines in the middle
Modern monochrome weaving with graphic patterns; woven textiles design // Ilse Acke
two black and white squares are shown in this image, one is drawn on paper
X-Ray Fabric by Rita Parniczky
Reinventing the Video Tape by Aisha Ifitikhar Also from Central Saint Martins, Aisha Ifitikhar weaves old videotape into new textiles, creating different textures, surfaces and structures.
an abstract drawing with black and white lines in the shape of a wavy, curved surface
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