Gorgeous Reversible Tied Tote Bag Pattern. Make yours in time for summer!

Reversible Tied Tote Bag

Apple stamps! I made these with my girls last year. Tip: for little hands, cut two notches on the back of the apple, to form a sort of "handle", so they don't smear the print when they try to get the apple back off the page!

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Apple Stamped Tote - fun art project for kids and great gift for teacher.and perfect for apple day!

Next on my sewing list but I'm scared to try and modify the pattern I have so it looks this nice....*sigh*

Handmade Gathered Fabric Bag, Purse, in Amy Butler Lotus Dot Cherry and Morning Glory

DIY bags by maria.robin.3--not a good link but I can use the picture.

Handbag decorated with embroidered stems wonderful handmade flowers. I want to make one of these as it is absolutely gorgeous.

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