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80 Photos of Old New York (1970-1989) | SUPERCHIEF

The New York City subway of today is what one might lightly call “starkly different” from its predecessors. In the over 250 felonies were committed every week in the system, making the New York subway the most dangerous mass transit system in the world.

Very unusual vintage photos.did you ever have one of those days when nothing seemed to go right,well take heart at least you didnt have one like her,unless you too are often found drunk in charge of a penny farthing.funny black and white photo

Ethnomusicologist Frances Densmore recording the music of a Blackfoot chief onto a phonograph, 1916.

Frances Densmore recording chief Mountain Chief for the Bureau of American Ethnology, Feb. "This 1916 image of Frances Densmore and Blackfoot leader Mountain Chief listening to a cylinder recording has become a symbol of the early songcatcher era.