Style Inspiration: Vintage Stoves

Vintage Stove / To the best of my memory, I had an aunt and uncle who had a wood stove that she cooked on that looked a lot like this. I do remember for sure that whatever type wood cookstove it was, the food was always delicious!

20+ Off the Wall Plate Walls Eclectically Vintage

Silver-Tray Display I love this idea, but I will have to expand my collection of silver trays for an impressive display.

Crocks and vintage kitchen items such as canning jars, mashers, butter paddles, butter molds and rolling pins fill this make-shift pantry.

Start a Vintage Kitchen Collection

Previous Pin: Fantastic tips for starting your own vintage kitchen collections - where to shop, what to look for, and how to style them in your home.

Small Moments - The Art of Creating Vignettes

vintage wooden bowls, rolling pins & cutting board along with a butter mold & little yellow ware bowl & crock ~ makes a nice vignette for a kitchen corner!

40 Awesome Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Farm Vintage Kitchen Art Photography home decor wall art fine art photograph wall decor photo. I could do this with my vintage utensils!

Cast iron antique kitchen stove with beautiful tiles behind. Vedspis, Växö, Sweden.

Cast iron antique kitchen stove with beautiful tiles behind. where can I find these tiles?