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Leaf House Version.2 - tiny house

Leaf House specializes in the design and build of tiny houses and small spaces. Focusing on modern design, cold climate construction and ecologically friendly materials, each Leaf House is custom, unique and fully featured.

Kickstarter - Pebble: E-paper watch

pebble watch android device pebble watch kickstarter pebble smart watch E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android The Pebble e-paper . - Pay per minute café

At Babochki Anticafé consumers pay nothing for their refreshments. Instead, they are charged by the minute for the time they spend there. - Touch enabled wall paint

Touch-enabled wall paint converts skin contact into electronics control On/Off paint is a conductive wall treatment that enables touch control of various home electronic devices. - Social Consumer Infographic

The power of the social consumer. Social business must be tailored to consumer needs, or goods and services will be boycotted.

Pop up camper trailer

Fancy - Opera Luxury Camper Trailer - The Opera Mobile Suite - Manufactured and distributed by YSIN b. I believe these are not being manufactured at the moment - looks like the Sydney Opera House.

Seth Godin - Quieting the Lizard Brain [video]

Bestselling author Seth Godin argues that we must quiet our fearful "lizard brains" to avoid sabotaging projects just before we finally finish them.