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a sign that says, my goodness where's the guinness? with crabs and lobsters
a deer standing in front of an aurora bore with the sky filled with green and purple lights
Dr. Wayne Lynch Canada's Wildlife Specialist
a book cover with people standing on top of a rock in the ocean and an airplane flying over it
Home - Come to Finland
a close up of a person with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a black shirt
50 Insanely Glamorous Photos of Marilyn Monroe You Have to See Right Now
a blue motorcycle is parked on a white surface and it's front wheel still attached to the seat
a motel sign with the word holiday hotel on it's side in front of a blue sky
Holiday Motel
a motel sign with multiple signs on it
Hollingsworth Motel
two large signs on top of each other in front of trees and grass, with one sign pointing to the left
Vintage Photo Friday - Capri motel sign - PaMdora's Box
a canadian maple leaf with the word canada in black ink on a white sticker