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 This is why teaching students to work with a partner swapping roles as "student" and "teacher" is so effective! When kids become the teacher, they do their best learning :-) Coaching, School Study Tips, School Tips, School Notes, High School Hacks, School School, Graduate School, Study Motivation, Classroom Management

How Students Learn Best

Have you ever learned anything from a lecture? I'm sure we can all say we have taken away something new from a lecture, but can you say you know it well enough to retain that information for long periods of time? The answer is you probably only remember 20% of what the speaker said. If the speaker gave you notes, pictures, and graphs you might remember 50% of it. The goal is 100%. See where I'm going with this? HOW DO STUDENTS LEARN BEST? Students learn best when learning is active. When…

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Peruskoulun uusi opetussuunnitelma voimaan – näin lapsesi koulu muuttuu

Tänä syksynä peruskouluissa otetaan käyttöön uusi opetussuunnitelma. Se tuo kouluun asennemuutoksen: oppilaasta tulee aktiivinen tiedonetsijä, joka ottaa itse selvää asioista.