Teija Anttila-Koskinen

Teija Anttila-Koskinen

Teija Anttila-Koskinen
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Features:  -Ground anchoring stakes included.  -Great solution for climbing…

If you love to save money, then you'll love the price on this eden arbors milan trellis,

DIY Flower Pot Fairy Garden MichaelsMakers By Stephanie Lynn

Diy Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Garden - Everyone’s goal is to have a whimsical garden, and there are many ways to do that but the greatest way is by making a flower pot miniature fairy garden. First thing, you will have a lot of fun while making it, it’s

Portland Japanese Gardens - i LOVE the Japanese style garden gates

One of the highlights of our mini vacation to Portland was visiting the Japanese Gardens . Situated just a few minutes outside downtown, the.

Classic Material: In my yard!

Great concepts here we can use as inspiration This hits almost all of our we-love-Japanese-gardens buttons. It's got the cool stone lantern, the rustic stone water well, a beautiful old rock, river rocks, and simple ferns to add softness and green.