Antti Rouhunkoski
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JR Apartment by Nicolas Schuybroek
Le Roch Hotel & Spa - Wellness Suite with hammam
The iconic "Faaborg"-chair from the Danish designer, Kaare Klint. dining chair seating
Natural lime plaster, otherwise known as 'Tadelakt' is a technique originally used in Moroccan architecture. Used in this bathroom designed by Pascale François Architects bvb, the pigment by @OdilonCreations is made out of Lime, marble powder, and other natural additives to create a smooth, warm, and earthy texture. - Photograph by @cafeine
Infinito By salvatori, indoor natural stone wall tiles
Intimate and Bespoke Hotel Sanders [Copenhagen] | Trendland
Cammeray House by MHN Design Union | HomeAdore
Luminary Hawthorn - Mim Design. Photography By Peter Clarke