Anne Rasinperä

Anne Rasinperä

Anne Rasinperä
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i love hoodies

I would like a Perry the Platypus hoodie :) -tabitha Not necessarily the one in the picture.but I do love hoodies in general.

that's my little fact

Which don't happen by texting by the way. But I like deep conversations when the person is actually with me. I love a person that can hold a good conversation

ill always be here to listen and help

I'll listen, I'll talk, I'll support, I'll be there for ya so talk to me all u want :)


I love the feeling that I get when i help someone and you can see their happy by the smile on their faces!


i details.most of the time.but then it kind of sucks because sometimes i feel like i dont give people the chances they could get and i remember ALL of their mistakes because they are in the tiniest details.